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Sustainable Farming
is a Tradition

The Vaughan Family has been farming and living on the same land since the early 1700's.  Sustainable farming is not just a phrase, it is a way of life passed down from generation to now the 8th generation.  We have been named a Century Farm in Virginia, and now also a Bicentennial Farm and we are proud to still be actively farming.     


Sustainable farming is a way of ensuring that the land, and all its resources are maintained for future generations.  Promoting soil health, managing water runoff and using natural fertilizing techniques are all ways that we are being good stewards of our land.  We protect and provide for our land and in turn it provides for us.


This has always been a way of life, but the business of Coastal Cattle began as an idea of our then12 year old daughter in 2014, and has expanded since then.  She wanted to use her knowledge of cattle gained through our local 4H livestock club and start a herd.  Her very first project steer at the age of 10 was a Hereford and she instantly fell in love with the breed.  They are docile, easy to work with, great for children to be around and of course beautiful!

She and her sister helped to pick out the first bred heifers and cows that started Coastal Cattle.  The original idea was to start raising pure-bred show cattle to be used for our local area 4H Livestock shows as well as other regional livestock competitions.  Showing cattle is a lot of work, and a lot of fun, but eventually we started thinking bigger.   ​

We were hearing the desires of so many people who want to know where their food is coming from.  People want to be in control of what they put into their bodies, and we quickly saw and understood the need for a good product.  So expanding into the direct marketing of the beef produced by the ever expanding herd was the natural progression of the farm.  

Incorporating rotational grazing, and the herd into our other farming practices has proven beneficial for the land and our farm.  They go hand in hand, crops and livestock.  Not only are we producing a good product for our consumers, but we are protecting our natural resources as well.

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