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A Black Cow &
a 'Luckie' calf!

We are proud members of the American Hereford Association and the Virginia Hereford Association.  All of our Beef is 100% Pure Bred Hereford.  If you look around the farm, you will see red and white from pasture to pasture.  But hidden in all that red and white is one special cow.  Onyx is our only full Angus cow.

Our youngest daughter wanted an Angus, so she could breed her with our Hereford bull and make a cross breed referred to as a "black baldy".  These cows are all black with white faces, and super cute!  She had a baldy for her first 4H project, and wanted to breed more for her projects in the future. 

Onyx had one calf on the farm, a cute little heifer, and she lives down the road at another farm.  In 2018, unfortunately, she lost her calf.  We were all upset, we still wanted that bull calf that could be used for a project.  Then, two weeks later we had a cow die while she was calving, a rare occurrence, but still a sad part of farm life.  Her calf was healthy and hungry!  We were sure we would have to bottle feed him to keep him healthy.  But then something amazing happened. 

If you've ever read the Dr Seuss book "Are You My Mother?", the baby bird wanders around asking different objects, 'are you my mother?'  This calf walked the pasture going to different cows, trying to nurse, and they all pushed him away...except for Onyx.  We watched as he went over to her and she didn't kick, or push him away, she let him nurse!  Onyx fostered that baby, and raised him as her calf.  We aptly named that calf, Luckie! 

So Onyx looks a little out of place, in the sea of red and white, but she has a special place in our hearts and on our farm.  None of her calves will be processed under the Coastal Cattle label, since we strive to only produce pure Hereford products, but she is part of the family! 


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